IDA Concepts Photo Stencil Systems

IDA Concepts Photo Stencil equipment

IDA supplies photo stencil production equipment. Photo stencils allow complex, detailed designs, either line art or halftones, to be sand blasted onto hard substrates such as glass and polished granite. It is a simple process involving no hazardous chemicals.
The image to be created, must first be printed onto UV transparent film using a laser printer. The printer used must print dense blacks. A piece of Tranart photosensitive film is exposed through the printed image using an ultra violet light box. After exposure, the Tranart film is washed out with water, to reveal the design, and then dried. It is then stuck to the job and blasted using a very fine blasting medium.

The equipment supplied by IDA comprises a UV vacuum light box with 10 x 15W tubes, working area 335 x 620 mm, a back lit water recycling pressure washout booth, and a variable temperature forced air film dryer.
In addition, a suitable computer, software, scanner and laser printer are required.

Please contact IDA Concepts for more information on the packages which are currently available.

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