IDA Stencil Cutting Systems

IDA supplies stencil cutting equipment that allows text and designs to be sand blasted into many substrates, including stone, concrete and wood. The design to be blasted is laid out on a computer screen, and then sent to a cutting machine which produces a stencil from an adhesive backed plastic resist material. This is stuck to the job, and the parts to be blasted are removed from the stencil.
  The job is blasted and the stencil removed. Blasting depths of up to 10mm are possible in granite, and deeper in softer materials. Detail as small as 5mm high letters is possible, with no particular upper size limit, as sheets can be tiled together for large designs, for example architectural work. Applications include memorial masonry, architectural use, deep glass carving, and signage in wood and stone.

IDA has sold more than 200 such systems in the UK, giving a wealth of experience in the field.

Please contact IDA Concepts for more information on the packages which are currently available.

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